Sterling SafetyPro Rope 10mm

Sterling Rope


Manufactured to meet the demands of work and rescue professionals, the 10mm SafetyPro has balanced construction and is ideal for rappel and tag lines, anchor systems or light rescue loads when using the parallel plaquette method.

  • 100% nylon low stretch kernmantle
  • A great alternative for top-rope lines in climbing gyms
  • Ideal for SAR teams, fire departments, and military as a lightweight line

    Note: tracer colors are subject to change.


    Additional Information
    MBS lbs (kN) 5,575 (24.8)
    Weight 62.5 g/M
    Elongation 50kg - 100kg 3.20%
    MBS with Figure 8 knot 19.1kN
    CE Certified Yes
    EN1891 Type A
    Impact force@fall factor 0.3
    NFPA_1983, 2006 certified
    Light use
    Number of factor 1 falls
    Sheath percentage
    Sheath slippage
    Shrinkage in water
    Static strength
    Static Strength with figure 8 knot
    Weight per meter
    62.5 g/M

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